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with new york city subways offering limited service starting today. the m tcta is waiving all fees until tomorrow. so good news there. >> we're looking for any good news so thank you. the eye of hurricane sandy has hit the jersey shore hard. it wiped away entire economies. president obama surveyed the damage with chris christie yesterday. this morning kayla tausche is in toms river, seaside heights. what's it look like there? >> reporter: it's very dark here. we're at the mouth of the bridge which leads over to sea sooid heights, a road only accessible by emergency vehicles and that will be that way for the foreseeable future. but here's the state of sandy recovery in new jersey. the death toll has climbed to 14 in the garden state. nearly 2 million residents are still without power. and over 4,000 people remain in shelters here in new jersey. there's actually a big shelter here nearby in toms river. one of the onlien wog in the state that actually allows pets, so you can imagine how crowded that one is. but here recovery will be a long process. for residents who live here full-time or f
like new york city and down towards philly, probably post-lunch time on wednesday. what we're going to find with this storm system which sticks around through much of thursday and finally starts to scoot away thursday night is that we're going to have some 50 plus-mile-an-hour wind gusts associated with this and we could see potential, this is still subject to range, 2 to 3 inch rainfall amounts along the coastline and snow for the higher elevations. we'll be talking about the berkshires, the adirondacks, again, the highest elevation snow. the low elevation snowfall we leave will be limited. but we want folk to be aware of the rain and wind and coastal e erosion. again here is our case in point system which is very much on the move between today as well as tomorrow. right now not a whole lot happening across the northeast. it's going to be a sunny but cool day with p its till running about 10, 12 degrees below average. meanwhile in the west, it's a huge temperature divide while much of the east coast is seeing the cool temperatures. the west is very warm with 10 to 20 degree above
. >> he's new york city. >> he just endorsed obama. but to say i'm endorsing obama because of sandy and climate change it's totally irresponsible. the intergovernmental panel, blah, blah, blah, on climate, they would never tie a single event to try to do that. it's ludicrous, it's embarrassing for him to do that. it's just clearly to me anyway i think he's jumped the shark with the 16 ounce but you go back again with the third term. i thought he was going to run for a third term so he might come back, too. >> when we return we'll talk more about the road to recovery. for some it's waiting for hours in line for gasoline to keep their cars and generators running. we'll talk to one observer the potential crisis the east coast could have growing right now. >>> as we inch closer to the october jobs report mark zandi will join us for the countdown as our guest host for two hours today. "squawk box" returns after this message. >>> the countdown is on. it's the final employment report before the election, and we are on the job. get the pick from our experts on what the numbers could mean fo
've seen the devastation in shore areas. you've seen it. think about new york city and manhattan being swamped. >> you remember hurricane andrew which flattened homestead down in florida. there were parts of new jersey and long island that look like that. >> not nearly the size -- houses down there were $150,000 a piece. the homes that were destroyed up here were millions of dollars a piece. >> that's what i'm saying. it's much more money. >> the other difference is in new york there's not a lot of moral hazard that you worry about in the sense of people weren't building homes in the wrong places. >> a terrific comment. there had not been a storm there in decades and decades and decades. it's another thing in florida on the coast. there were counties i found along north carolina that have fema money on top of fema money from the prior storm on top of fema money. that's not the case in new york. >> three storms hit new york in 1954. all of them twice as big as the one that just hit three in one year. >> i don't want to give you a nodule but people are making a leap with global warming t
the greatest city on earth. we'll show them. >> there are still hundreds of thousands of people in new york and new jersey don't have power, it's 27 degrees out this morning. >> this is a storm, you know, i always say the media is exaggerating. this is one they understated. we had the highest previous surge, 13.2 feet. this was -- 11.2. the east river is a tidal strait, it goes north when the tide is coming in and south. can you imagine the water coming in from long island sound, new york harbor and meeting in the middle? where we were? i mean, this was a force of nature like we've never known before. i feel for these people, but everything, believe me, i'm very comfortable that the mayor and the governor and chuck schumer. chuck, i got to tell you something, god bless these people. this is one time i'm not partisan. god bless these people. they've been fabulous. they're cooperating. they're doing everything they can. the mayors -- we took a huge hit, a gigantic hit and to get it up and running, we're going to do it but we need a lot of help and we're getting it. home depot supply, the comp
in the parade. if you can't make it to the new york city -- >> the other "sesame street" components are going to be there. i did see that statement. is there an elmo balloon? all the "sesame street" is going to be there as is irrespective of the kevin clash news. we can talk about that if you want a little later. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> if you can't make it to the streets of new york city to see the parade in person, nbc is going to have full parade coverage, it starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. "squawk" will be right back. [ penélope ] i found the best cafe in the world. nespresso. where i never have to compromise on anything. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect coffee. where every cappuccino and latte is only made with fresh milk. and where the staff is exceptionally friendly. ♪ nespresso. what else? olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male
to 6 inches of snow. and new york city coming in just over 4 inches which was the earliest 4 inch snowfall ever on record for the city. beating that old record by over a month -- or i should say about a month. heavy snow continued across connecticut and so we're continuing to watch that area. but the snow that's already on the ground was blowing around, as well. still 20 to 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts. these are the peak winds we saw near 70 miles an hour near nantucket. everyone else closer to 40s in the mile per hour range. but that's enough. for the advisories that are still out there, connecticut into rhode island, we're still watching winter weather advisories and winter storm warns. and that continues up the coast into new hampshire and maine where the snowfall totals quite honestly won't be as big. switching gears a little bit, i know there's a lot of natural gas and oil exploration going on across the northern plains. this is our next big winter weather system. as blizzard warnings are in place across much of monday tta. we could see record breaking two day snowfall totals
to get that waived because the towns are very small. they're not big like new york city where they can afford that. we're trying get 100% paid for by the federal government. >> do you think that's likely? >> i think so. they've done it with the power lines and transportation needs but we need to have it for these long-term purposes as well like the dunes and the beach repolicemen irnment. >> should homeowners who have not signed those easements who have not allowed, they want the sand brought back but don't want their views lost by a big sand dune. should they be forced to sign the easements before the sand is put back? >> i'm not sympathetic to those who don't want to sign the easements. it's important for us to get the job done. >> in terms of just looking around the state at other issues, is there a way to better prepare for the storms in the future or do we have to accept storms like this will come around every 50 or 100 years? >> well, no, i think you can have better protection, not only long-term protection like dune protection but better plans for utilities. i had a meeting in a
of the major cities like new york, boston, l.a., san francisco, philadelphia, whatever, you say to yourself if you were to take that deduction, take it from 1 million to 500,000, how substantial an impact would that have on prices? >> well, i think that -- >> will all the associated issues about mobility and everything else? >> i really think -- if you move it down from 1 million to some number 500,000, i think it's de minimus. i think if you eliminate it all together i think it's clearly will have an impact on prices. i think people buying their second, their trade-up home, their third or fourth home, you know, those types of people, they're not buying because of the interest deduction. i think there are other things, joe, that had come into play as well, and that is are you seeing real income growth in your job, are your investments doing well, things like that have an overall impact. they're buying a hard asset that typically appreciates. >> jeremy siegel is here and has a question for you. >> most countries in the world outside the u.s. don't have the mortgage deduction and in most coun
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9